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For over 20 years, The National Business Awards and the Top Performing publication have together become the definitive destination for South Africa’s fast-growth companies in all sectors. Through rigorous benchmarking and tracking of industry behaviour, Topco Media researches, identifies and accredits the breakthroughs, the disruptors, the innovators and the new economic champions, so that they can showcase their achievements and share best practices, policies and strategies with other ambitious companies.

“This recognition gives me and my company a sense of deep-rooted pride knowing that we are active contributors to economic expansion, the green agenda and, most importantly, quality education for all South Africans, regardless of colour and creed.”

– Kershen Pillay, CEO, Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences

About Topco

Topco Media hosts several annual awards ceremonies that showcase industry leaders in performance, empowerment, women leadership, HR, innovation and national development. The conferences that accompany our awards bring together top decision makers, thought leaders to workshop, and stimulate economy-wide advancement in these areas. Our Research Department focuses purely on surveying and researching thousands of organisations in order to identify the economy’s top companies and leaders.

Through its 21 years of research, Topco Media has built up a unique overview of corporate best practice, innovation and success, drawn from submissions by thousands of businesses and business leaders. This research informs our trusted benchmarking of South Africa’s top performing, most empowered and most innovative organisations in every market sector and now we are moving into Africa.

Topco Media has the know how to ensure that whatever specific needs you have for Africa Tech Week we will make it happen. Our customer centric focus means that the customer is always our first and most important priority.

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