Proactive networking – your network is your net worth

Oct 12, 2016 | Press Release

– Author | Karla Fletcher –

Doors open because of the other person on the other side. Often things happen at the speed of light while other times, well, it could take longer than we anticipate. The difference between the two instances is your network. Networking is one of the most powerful tools to use to unlock the potential of any socioeconomic transformation. In essence, the value of networking is to seal a concrete foundation for future investments and build useful contacts when one is provided with a plethora of opportunities.
Effective networks also require strong and well connected relationships to accelerate growth and act as a catalyst for success, meaning, every so often, networking can go far beyond the occasional one-on-one meetings. Networking has different types of techniques and most of them work efficiently for “networkers”. Two strategic techniques that are emerging are horizontal and vertical networking.

Horizontal Networking

Horizontal networking is establishing relationships with people that are within the same professional level as you. What makes this form of networking unique is the ability it has to foster trust and focus amongst said professionals. Since they share mutual professional goals and frustrations, horizontal networking can offer them the convenient way to grow together and learn from each other.

Vertical Networking

Vertical networking is consolidating relationships, sharing information and imparting knowledge with industry leaders as well as your juniors. Attending industry events and receiving insight from industry thought leaders is one of the best ways to master the “upwards” vertical approach, while “downwards” vertical requires a different approach that involves interactions that will develop the skills of the younger professionals. Essentially, downwards networking puts you at a position of being a career sponsor or mentor to these younger professionals.

Learn new dynamics and venture into other developments at the National Business Awards and Conference
The National Business Conference in association with the 14th Annual National Business Awards will take place on the 17th of November 2016 at the Emperors Palace Johannesburg.

With the success of the National Business Awards, business delegates are given the opportunity to receive business insight from and interaction with the leaders of South Africa’s biggest and most powerful companies.

Together they will share their insights on topics covering innovation, investing in people, sustainability, entrepreneurship, economic forecasts, global growth, attractive foreign investments, leadership, succession planning, nurturing talent and philanthropy.

Not only this, but breakaway sessions, panel discussions and the one-on-one ‘Fast Track Networking’ session sponsored by Development Bank of South Africa will be an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other business leaders.

Renowned businessman and politician, Dr Mathews Phosa, will give a keynote address and deliver insight on “rising through the obstacles” at the prestigious conference. Dr Phosa will also be joined by other thought leaders who will share their secrets to success. Here are some speakers you should expect:

Greg Solomon – CEO, McDonalds South Africa
Jannie Venter – Managing Executive, Barclays ABSA
Asher Bohbot – CEO, EOH Holdings
Shirley Zinn – CEO, Shirley Zinn Consulting & Group Head of HR at Woolworths
Lance Fanaroff – Joint founder and CEO, Integr8

The National Business Conference will be followed by the prestigious National Business Awards gala dinner evening where the top performing companies and public sector organisations from across the the South African business arena will be awarded for their excellence.

Tables and seat are available for individual and company stakeholders, click HERE to book your seat.